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Why Yokoy?

One key reason why our customers love Yokoy is the inhouse research lab that has been developing self-learning Artificial Intelligence models, which continuously improve accuracy and performance of the tool. Yokoy stands for “continuous innovation”.

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Intelligent and secure all-in-one spend management solution

The all-in-one solution for corporate spending

Yokoy uses artificial intelligence to automate the entire corporate spend management process. Supplier invoices, expense and card accounting, subscription management: all time-consuming tasks that Yokoy is happy to take off your hands. Of course, Yokoy is precisely tailored to your individual internal processes.

The yokoy inhouse research lab

Applied Machine Learning

Yokoy spend management step 1: Scan and send your receipts and invoice

Image processing

Expenses: The receipt is photographed and imported into Yokoy through the mobile app or on a computer.

Invoices: The invoice is scanned or uploaded to Yokoy via email.

Yokoy calculates the curvature and quality of the receipt image and enhances them with inhouse-built models in less than half a second.


Yokoy spend management step 2: Yokoy's AI software scans and reads out the scanned invoice/receipt

Text and number extraction

AI-based OCR then converts the enhanced image into machine-encoded text and builds words and numbers on that basis in less than one second.


Yokoy spend management step 3: Yokoy's AI software then analyses and detects the different information on the receipts/invoices, and compares it to company's policy

Information Extraction

Within a second, the Yokoy-AI-engine extracts information from the words and numbers and validates over 300 data points in one single receipt or invoice.In the case of invoices, the AI can also recognize the suppliers and match them with data from your company's ERP.
The relevant data is then pre-filled in the expense report or invoice form in Yokoy.


Yokoy spend management step 4: Yokoy's AI software checks relevant policies, detects any fraud potential and validates the data to users.

The outcome

The information is subsequently used to check relevant policies, calculate fraud potential and validate the data.
Yokoy uses a self-learning model that enhances the accuracy with every additional expense receipt or invoice.


Applied Machine Learning

Yokoy invests in their dedicated AI-team, which is composed of researchers, to continuously develop the artificial intelligence model further. The AI-based automation of the financial back-end processes enables companies to save >90% of time spent on recording and processing expenses and actively incorporates fraud prevention in the process.

Die all-in-one Spend Management Lösung

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Expense Management

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Company Cards

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These features are included in all Yokoy products

Customizable & integrable

Customize workflows, policies and more, while integrating all your favorite tools.

Active fraud prevention

The Yokoy artificial intelligence module actively recognizes fraud patterns and flags them as such.


Modern audit protocols ensure compliance with local auditing standards in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the US and many more.

On the go in real time

Submit expenses directly on your mobile phone or web app - anywhere, anytime - even offline.

Automated VAT-read out

Yokoy recognizes VAT, validates it and automatically prepares the booking journal for the correct booking and VAT reclaim.


Trips & Auto lump sum calculation

Lump-sums are automatically calculated based on your internal guidelines.


Auto-reconciliation of card transactions

Yokoy directly feeds in your card transactions, matches them with the receipts and does the reconciliation work for you.

Artificial Intelligence scanning

Automated spend reporting and real-time policy checking, thanks to cutting-edge AI technology.


All expenses are reviewed and validated by the Yokoy AI engine, so that you only need to look at special cases manually.

Assistant or deputy

Manage expenses on behalf of your manager(s) or delegate tasks and assign deputies on behalf of you.


Data encryption and protection are key aspects of Yokoy, including GDPR compliance, permission-based access policies and Single Sign On (SSO) using the SAML/OAuth standard.

Data Analytics

Create spending reports and analysis dashboards to have the overview you always wanted.


Save money while
increasing employee satisfaction

Let’s be honest. No-one loves doing repetitive tasks like submitting expenses or matching credit card transactions with receipts.

Our customers save more than 20 hours of manual work per year per expense user with Yokoy. This results in roughly  1’000 CHF  cost savings per expense user per year through automation of the expense process alone. Saving time and money while increasing employee happiness and actively preventing fraud is the true benefit of Yokoy.

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Benefit from the Yokoy Open API Platform

We offer a wide range of integrations and will continue to work on integrating Yokoy seamlessly into your systems. We have also launched the Yokoy Open API platform. This allows you to build your own integrations to and from Yokoy. All based on one standard.
To meet the high security requirements of your company, all requests via the built interfaces are encrypted (HTTPS) and secured according to the OAuth2 standard. The Open API is and will always be free of charge.


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What our customers want you to know about us

We looked into different expense management tools and were impressed by Yokoy's ease of use and seamless integration with our credit card provider. The integration into our finance system to ensure an automated end-to-end process was also an important deciding factor.

Ebru Arican
Head of Group Controlling & Accounting
Ameropa AG

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