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YOKOY Trips function

Automatic travel expense report with Yokoy Trips

Automate and simplify expense reports of your business trips with Yokoy Trips.

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Yokoy Trips Function Desktop view

How it works

Save time on business trip expense reports

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Automatic expense reports means less effort for employees and controlling (accounting/HR)

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The Yokoy app is designed to be simple and intuitive to use. Lump sums, reductions and mileage allowances are calculated automatically based on travel data.

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Automated regulation checking and fraud detection enable better adherence to internal and external compliance aspects

How does Yokoy Trips work?

Yokoy Trips, Step 1: Trip entryYokoy Trip Function: Step 1, Trip entry

1. Trip entry

Employees can easily record their trip in the Yokoy dashboard. Yokoy now directly calculates the mileage allowance and any border crossing can be recorded as well. Yokoy also recognizes the adjusted daily rates with the border crossing.

Yokoy additionally offers the integration of various travel tools for air travel and automates the calculation of lump sums based on the travel data.

Yokoy Trips, Step 1: Trip entryYokoy Trip Function, Step 2: Upload receipts

2. Easily upload expense receipts during the business trip

Employees can simply photograph receipts during their stay, upload them directly into their trip, and Yokoy's AI calculates the rest. Reductions of daily allowances are automatically made based on the uploaded receipts.

Yokoy Trips, Step 1: Trip entryYokoy Trip function, step 3: Controlling with AI

3. Easy controlling through AI

After the trip, there isn’t much left to be manually controlled. Receipts are already uploaded and automatically assigned to the appropriate expenses, and lump sums are also already stored. Other than special cases, there is no longer a need to manually check receipts or calculate lump sums from different countries. This saves time, makes processes more transparent and thus prevents unwanted costs.

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The trip function in action

Your whole business trip in Yokoy

In just a few steps, the entire business trip, the associated lump sums and deductions are recorded. Want to have an end-to-end travel expense process automation? Yokoy has various integrationen with different travel tools→


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A must-have for lump sum accounting in Austria and Germany

Image of Stephan Hebestreit, Managing Director Yokoy AT
Quotation marks

“The travel function is an absolute game changer. We map collective agreements and company agreements and can thus calculate daily allowances and mileage allowances automatically. Yokoy Trips has wowed everyone so far and provides an end-to-end automation of the entire expense process!”

Stephan Hebestreit, Managing Director Yokoy AT

Especially in Austria and Germany, travel expense reporting is a challenge for everyone involved.

Check out our blog to see how exactly Yokoy’s Trip Function brings an advantage to the whole DACH region.

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Frequently asked questions

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Can Yokoy Trips include collective employment contracts?
Yes, we can individually map used collective agreements and contracts for all our customers in Yokoy.
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How does Yokoy Trips help with fraud detection?
With automation, the process becomes simpler, more transparent and therefore the rules and regulations can be better adhered to. Supervisors receive notifications of rule violations and potentially fraudulent expenses, keeping them in full control.
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How is Yokoy Trips set up?
To ensure that Yokoy Trips works as it should for all customers, close attention is paid to procedures during onboarding. Our Customer Success Team therefore sets up the function together with our customers and pays attention to special circumstances. In this way, complex processes (e.g. different collective agreements) are mapped cleanly in Yokoy. Yokoy Trips is therefore set up in such a way that it is specifically tailored to each customer.
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Can a trip have multiple stops?
Yes, that's not a problem at all. With our Google Map integration, Yokoy Trips recognizes every address in the world. Employees can easily enter where they're leaving from, where they're making stops, and where the trip ends.

Learn about all our features

Customizable & Integratable

Customize workflows, policies and more, while integrating your favorite tools.

Active fraud prevention

The Yokoy artificial intelligence module actively recognizes fraud pattern and flags them as such.


Modern audit protocols ensure compliance with local auditing standards in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the US and many more.

On-the-go and real-time

Submit anywhere, anytime from your mobile phone or web app. It even works offline.

Automated VAT-read out

Yokoy recognizes VAT, validates it and automatically prepares the booking journal for the correct booking and VAT reclaim.


Trips & Auto lump sum calculation

Lump-sums are automatically calculated based on your internal guidelines.

Auto-reconciliation of card transactions

We directly feed in your card transactions, match them with the receipts and do the reconciliation work for you.

AI scanning

Auto-creation of your entire expense report based on AI receipt scanning.


All expenses are validated by the Yokoy-AI-engine in order for you to only check special cases manually. The rest is fully automated!

Assistant function

With the assistant functionality, you can upload, edit and submit expenses on behalf of your manager(s) anytime and anywhere.

Delegate and deputy

Easily assign delegates and deputies to work on tasks on behalf of you.

Data Insights

Customize workflows, policies and more, while integrating your favorite tools.

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