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Yokoy analytics function

Analyze expense costs: New Yokoy Analytics Module

With data from Yokoy's Analytics report, you can see expense trends and identify potential savings.

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How it works

Yokoy Analytics helps you save on expenses

This feature is a direct response to the needs of our community. We listen and adapt! Over the past few months, many customers have asked for enhanced functionality of the Analytics feature. Therefore, our engineers have been working tirelessly to provide the next generation of our analytics module. New are these functions:

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Finance teams can analyze spending patterns and trends - across defined time periods, categories, cost objects, expense status, users and more.

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Our new module is based on the idea of the pivot table. Using a simple drag-and-drop, multiple expense data elements can be selected and an output structure defined in columns, rows and values.

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With the new Analytics feature, your company's entire expense data is available. The raw data can be filtered in a personalized way, but it is also available for download as a complete dataset.

Frequently asked questions

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Why do I need Analytics
Expenses are often a large part of a company's costs. These costs are often difficult to control because they are generated by all employees individually, are unstructured and high in number. Therefore, it makes sense to look at the cost structure in detail to identify spending patterns and trends. With Analytics, we provide this opportunity. By accessing our raw data, costs can be analyzed in a structured manner and potential savings can subsequently be exploited.
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Can Analytics help with fraud detection?
Yes! The analyzed data can be used to identify deviations in compliance and governance. With the many filter options, you can identify outliers quickly and easily.
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How do I use Analytics?
It is very simple. The handling of Analytics is based on the idea of the pivot table. Using a simple drag-and-drop, you can select multiple data elements of expenses and define an output structure in columns, rows and values. This means that no new skills need to be learned.
On our Knowledge Base you can find a step-by-step guide on how to create an Analytics Report.
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Can I access all data or only Expenses with a certain status (e.g. already exported, already approved)?
You can access all data.
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Does this additional feature cost anything?
No, Analytics is free for all Yokoy users and you don't have to install anything. The beta version of Analytics just shows up on your dashboard.

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“Capturing extensive sets of data relevant for the P/L and cost accounting, we wanted to enable our clients to dive into the full data universe stored within Yokoy. Our new Analytics allows users to pull raw data, search for patterns and identify outliers.”

Christian Woese, Head of Customer Success Yokoy

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