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For Managers

The expense app that lets you focus on the important tasks

As a manager, you have a million things to do. Wasting your time with expense checking, answering expense questions and tedious budget controlling shouldn’t be part of if. Yokoy will take care of it.

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We know your struggle

Are you tired of logging into expense tools to check expenses? Be honest, you don’t know the expense policy by heart anyway.

What was the daily limit during a business trip to the US? When are Per Diems allowed? What do I do with expenses that exceed the budget? Do credit card charges count towards the total amount? And why do you check VAT rates manually?

Sounds familiar? We have been there and decided to put an end to the painful way of doing expenses manually in the 21st century. May we therefore introduce you to Yokoy? The expense management solution that actively supports you as a manager.

Automated  expense solution

Simple. Effortless. Fast.


All expenses are checked and validated by the Yokoy-AI-engine in order for you to only check special cases manually. Yokoy has a world-leading fraud prevention module included. We give you an easy-to-read summary of special cases for you to save time by only going through them.

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Automated credit card matching

Using a corporate credit card? Simply scan, upload or forward the receipts and Yokoy matches them automatically with the transaction and prepares it for the export to the Finance system.

Travel- and other tools fully integrated

It doesn’t matter whether you book your trip on a business travel platform, order an UBER with the company account or pay for a train ride with the SBB/DB/ÖBB app, you’ll have all data in Yokoy in real-time!

Delegate and deputy functionality

Easily assign delegates to approve on behalf of you either due to shared responsibility or simply for a holiday deputization.


Get notified for outstanding approvals or other tasks. Yokoy allows for custom notification settings to ensure you’ll never miss an expense or card transaction anymore.

Data insights

Yokoy allows you to create spending reports to have the overview you always wanted. Check spending over time for specific cost centers or users and get the findings needed to successfully lead your team or department.

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What our customers want you to know about us

We had an aha-moment when we realized that with Yokoy it only takes a few seconds to create a report compared to the many hours in the past.

- Herbert Sablotny, CFO Beekeeper

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Simple yet powerful

You only have to check special cases, Yokoy’s artificial intelligence automates the rest and makes the expense experience easy and smooth for everyone. Yokoy is like your personal assistant that never sleeps and doesn’t take vacation - it’s here for you 24/7.

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Frequently asked questions

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Can I check every single expense manually if I’d like?
Yes! Yokoy is built to support you as much as possible and therefore we suggest automating all expenses that don’t have a warning and are below a certain threshold. However, at the end it is up to you whether you want to check all expenses manually, only the ones with warnings or another combination.
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Can Yokoy cards be used anywhere in the world?
Yes! Yokoy cards are issued under the Mastercard license by Hypothekarbank Lenzburg and can be used globally like any other Mastercard Prepaid card.
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Who is behind Yokoy?
The company was founded by five co-founders in 2019 as Expense Robot in Zurich, Switzerland. Expense Robot always had the goal to be different from other expense solutions by investing in an inhouse research team that solely focussed on the development of the artificial intelligence module. SIX Group  and Swisscom participated early on as two strategic and powerful investors. The company experienced a strong demand and counted more than 20 employees and over 100 customers after one year. With the launch of the Yokoy Prepaid Business Mastercard (so far only available for Swiss clients) in August 2020, the company name was changed from Expense Robot to Yokoy. In October 2020, Yokoy opened its first office in Vienna, Austria to also serve European clients.

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