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Customer use cases

Yokoy meets a well-known Swiss brand with tradition

Kägi Söhne AG teams travel frequently between Europe, Middle East and the US. They were looking for an easy to use and intuitive solution, which they found with Yokoy (formerly named Expense Robot). Kägi put a big emphasis on the intuitive handling and the speed of the tool. New employees shall be able to download the app and start using it without trainings needed.

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Ebru African - Head of Group Controlling & Accounting of AMEROPA

We were impressed by Yokoy’s ease of use and seamless integration with our credit card provider.

Ebru Arican
Head of Group Controlling & Accounting

Yokoy meets a globally operating agriculture company

Ameropa used to do the entire expense management process manually. Yokoy (formerly named Expense Robot) automates the entire process end-to-end with integrations to the ERP system and corporate business card transactions from their bank. Additionally, Yokoy  actively prevents fraud. So, the Finance team can focus on outliers/exceptions only. Ameropa was assessing different leading expense tools and were blown away by the speed, ease of use and the AI-model of Yokoy.

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Yokoy meets an innovative Swiss bank

Swiss bank Swissquote was looking for an expense- and business card solution that is fully automating all steps from the picture all the way to the correct accounting booking. Conducting business in the UK, Switzerland, the Middle East and other places, Swissquote needed a robust expense- and business card tool that can handle all relevant languages and currencies.

Swissquote building
Portrait Rebecca Ribi, Head of Finance Planted

A business credit card should be cheap, secure and uncomplicated. These are all advantages that the Yokoy Prepaid Mastercard has. In addition, it is 100% integrated into the Yokoy expense tool. This reduces the effort of our finance team enormously. At the same time, Yokoy is incredibly flexible and customizable, so it's made for a scaling company like us.

Rebecca Ribi
Head of Finance

Yokoy meets fast-growing food tech scaleup

Planted is a food tech company that quickly conquered the market with their meat alternatives. Yokoy supports and facilitates Planted's growth by automating routine tasks such as expense management, freeing up time for more exciting tasks. In addition to expense management, Planted also relies on Yokoy cards, which are fully integrated with the Yokoy tool and save the company money. How can Yokoy help your company grow globally?

Yokoy meets a European market leader

Sherpany is the leading meeting management software company headquartered in Switzerland and is growing rapidly. Therefore, the company’s CFO, Tania Thiebach, was looking to automate as much of the Finance processes as possible. Sherpany was using another expense tool before, which was replaced with Yokoy as the company needed a solution that scales globally and takes away most of the manual work to focus on the rapid expansion tasks

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Tania Thiebach - CFO of Sherpany

In the past, our expense process was mostly manual and took a lot of time. We used spreadsheets and tried other expense tools but we weren't happy. Thanks to Yokoy, we have now standardized and streamlined the processes. The Artificial Intelligence magic is truly doing most of the work, which saves us time and adds additional security from the fraud-detection side, which we didn’t have before. The entire company loves the tool.

Tania Thiebach

Herbert Sablotny - CFO of Beekeeper

We had an aha-moment when we realized that with Yokoy it only takes a few seconds to create a report compared to the many hours in the past

Herbert Sablotny

Yokoy meets a Swiss- and US-based technology scaleup

As a leading technology firm themselves, Beekeeper was looking for the most innovative and yet robust expense tool on the market. With offices in the US, Switzerland, Germany and Poland, Beekeeper is travelling frequently and therefore needs a tool that saves time for the travellers, the managers but also the Finance team.

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Yokoy meets global consulting firm

Before Yokoy, ECOVIS employees had to physically store receipts, type them out and manually enter the accounting journals in the ERP. The accounting, tax, legal and business consulting service providers were very selective when choosing an automation and intensively compared different tools. Yoko was able to convince them because it was developed by both finance and technology professionals, which is reflected in the high quality of the product.

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Ecovis Testimonial, Marcel  P. de Boni, Geschäftsführer

We've tested other expense tools before, but Yokoy represents a new level of automation thanks to the tool's artificial intelligence and well-designed setup.

Marcel P. de Boni
Managing Director

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Frequently asked questions

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What sizes of companies can you serve?
Yokoy is built for complex, global multi-entity configurations and therefore targets the mid- to enterprise segment. Smaller customers can be served as well (especially when using standard integrations like Bexio).
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In which countries is Yokoy available?
Yokoy Spend Management can be deployed globally. The artificial intelligence can already read and validate 150 languages and 140 currencies (including various character sets). Yokoy is operationally used in over 45 countries. The Yokoy Mastercard Business card is currently available for Swiss companies and the Yokoy VISA Corporate Card is available for Europe.
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Can you serve enterprise customers?
Yes, Yokoy brings a true value-add to enterprise customers. The tool is built for complex, global multi-entity configurations and integrates with most enterprise ERP- & HRM- tools like SAP R3/S4 and Successfactors among others. The experienced Onboarding Project Managers will lead the project from the planning to the implementation and testing phase and hand over the tool to the company during a training workshop session. Enterprise customers benefit from a dedicated Key Account Manager and Finance Process Consulting from our inhouse Finance experts.

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