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The all-in-one spend management platform

Yokoy automates spend management with artificial intelligence, combining expense management, supplier invoice management and smart corporate credit cards into one single intuitive platform.

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Yokoy Spend Management products: Virtual Cards (coming soon), Corporate Cards, Expense management, Invoice management and much much more!

More than 500 companies rely on Yokoy

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A front-end design of Yokoy Trips. There are lump sums, allowance, deductions, dates and destination etc. shown on Yokoy Trips.

Automatic calculation of trips.

Automatic calculation of per diem rates, milage allowance and additonal expenses.

For medium and large global enterprises

The one-stop solution for
spend management

Yokoy automates global expense, invoice and card management across all your entities so you no longer need to have siloed solutions. All tasks for your employees can be handled easily and on-the-go in the Yokoy app.

 Yokoy Spend Management

Manual checks only for outliers and exceptions

What makes Yokoy different?

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thanks to artificial intelligence

Based on all your receipts, vendor invoices and actions, the Yokoy tool learns and is able to automatically fill out expense forms and invoices including VAT for you.

Automation icon

Full automation,
not only digitalization

Yokoy finds outliers, rule violations and potential fraudulent cases and sends them for manual review. The rest - from submission to exporting to your accounting system - is fully automated.

Workflow icon

company-specific process flows

Yokoy is the only expense management tool that allows you to map your individual company-specific process flow without a team of developers to code and maintain it for you.

Integration icon

Integrated into
your existing system landscape

Robust integrations are key to automating the data flow between different tools. Yokoy integrates with all major third-party tools and also provides the free "OpenAPI" platform to all partners and customers.


The future is simple

Automate your spend management with Yokoy's AI powered all-in-one solution. Expenses management, invoice processing, smart company cards all in one platform.

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Yokoy Integrates in all your favorite tools

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The yokoy inhouse research lab

Applied Machine Learning

Yokoy spend management step 1: Scan and send your receipts and invoice

Image processing

Expenses: The receipt is photographed and imported into Yokoy through the mobile app or on a computer.

Invoices: The invoice is scanned or uploaded to Yokoy via email.

Yokoy calculates the curvature and quality of the receipt image and enhances them with inhouse-built models in less than half a second.


Yokoy spend management step 2: Yokoy's AI software scans and reads out the scanned invoice/receipt

Text and number extraction

AI-based OCR then converts the enhanced image into machine-encoded text and builds words and numbers on that basis in less than one second.


Yokoy spend management step 3: Yokoy's AI software then analyses and detects the different information on the receipts/invoices, and compares it to company's policy

Information Extraction

Within a second, the Yokoy-AI-engine extracts information from the words and numbers and validates over 300 data points in one single receipt or invoice.In the case of invoices, the AI can also recognize the suppliers and match them with data from your company's ERP.
The relevant data is then pre-filled in the expense report or invoice form in Yokoy.


Yokoy spend management step 4: Yokoy's AI software checks relevant policies, detects any fraud potential and validates the data to users.

The outcome

The information is subsequently used to check relevant policies, calculate fraud potential and validate the data.
Yokoy uses a self-learning model that enhances the accuracy with every additional expense receipt or invoice.

the all-in-one Spend Management solution

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Expense Management

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Supplier Invoices

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Company Cards

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How it works

Artificial Intelligence does the work for you

First process of AI: Taking a photo of the receipt and AI recognizes it


Upload, forward or snap a photo of the receipt. The Yokoy-AI-engine then reads, checks and validates it.

A phone icon with different pop-ups that depict warning, approval, and more info of the expense.


We only notify you of special cases (e.g. policy breaches, potentially fraudulent expenses) for manual approval.

Categorization of collected expense data and export


Yokoy prepares the accounting booking journal (incl. VAT) for you and automatically exports it to your Finance system.

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