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Privacy Policy

By accessing the Yokoy website, app, any of the services and materials, you agree to the Privacy & General Data Protection Regulation (in short “GDPR”) guidelines outlined in this section including any links to other sections. If you disagree, DO NOT USE the website and/or any of the service(s) and/or materials of Yokoy Group AG. Yokoy Group AG (also “Yokoy” or “we”) reserves the right to change the Privacy & GDPR section at any time without notice.

Yokoy Website usage

Data collection and data saving

Yokoy reserves the right to collect any kind of data while you are visiting the website.

Use of data
Yokoy may use the collected data for analytical and commercial use (including selling data) in an anonymized way. Various Google products may run on the website with the goal of getting user behavior analytics.

Use of cookies
The website of Yokoy uses cookies. Cookies are defined as files (text files), which are stored in a computer system via an internet browser, and can have a unique cookie identifier (cookie ID). With the help of cookies (and their IDs), a user can be identified and based on that receive tailored content and/or be sent to a page defined by Yokoy. The main purpose of cookies is to improve the user experience. Cookies can help Yokoy to identify website users. If the website user deactivates cookies in the user internet browser, the Yokoy website may not be entirely usable.

Yokoy Service usage (incl. web- and phone applications)

Data collection and data saving

Yokoy may collect user data (name, email address), company data (receipts) and background data (time, browser information). We save the data in order to fulfill our service. A third party provider may be used for data storage. See section “Data Security” to see how we protect your data. You may decide to not share specific data with Yokoy, however, this may lead to limited service functionalities or no functionalities at all.

Use of data

We collect & save the data primarily to provide our service. We reserve the right to use the data for statistical purposes but never sell your data.

Data Security

All data security aspects are covered in the “Data Protection Addendum”, which is an integral part of the contract.

Disclosure of data
Yokoy discloses personal data only within the same company and to those necessarily needing to have the personal data for business use. Company data are not shared outside of the company. Background data are not shared with anyone. If legally obliged or to protect the property or rights of Yokoy AG, we may disclose personal-, company- and background data. Your data is stored at a third party provider, which may not store the data (and/or the backup) in Switzerland.

Deletion and Overview
If you’d like an overview over your personal data or have them completely removed, please get in touch with our Data Protection Officer using the email address provided below. We are happy to assist in such cases as we take data privacy seriously!


For Yokoy, data privacy is an important part. We make sure that all our third-party provider, which handle personal data of our customers, are at least GDPR-ready and handle personal data such as name, email address, IP address, with utmost care and put the highest security on data in rest and data in transit.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Yokoy’s Data Protection Officer under

Effective as of 31.08.2020