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For Finance teams

The expense tool that automates more than routine tasks

As a finance person, you have a million things to do. Wasting your time with chasing employees for receipts, checking expenses, inserting VAT rates, manually matching them and tediously exporting them to the Finance tool shouldn’t be part of it. May we introduce you to Yokoy?

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We know your struggle

Do you wish you could spend your time better than doing repetitive and manual expense and credit card-admin work?

Do you have people in your team who are doing nothing else than manually matching credit card transactions with receipts? Manually calculating VAT rates and foreign exchanges? Do you wish you could have more control and visibility into your employee’s spendings?

This and much more is what we wanted to have ourselves and this is why we decided to put an end to the painful, time consuming and unsecure way of handling expenses and corporate cards. May we introduce you to Yokoy? The expense management solution that automates more than routine tasks.


Simple. Secure. Integrated.

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Customizable & Integratbale

Map your individual workflows, approval-flows, and policies and integrate all your existing Finance-, HR-, travel tools, credit cards and more.

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AI fraud prevention

Our AI-Fraud-Prevention module ensures that all potentially fraudulent expenses and transactions require a manual review. Yokoy even tells you what specifically you need to look at when checking it.

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Yokoy uses highest data security standards and audit logs to record all changes made for full transparency. Additionally, an audit-proof archive is available for countries like Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the US and many more.

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Automated VAT-read out

Yokoy reads out the VAT on the receipts, validates them for correctness and applicability and automatically prepares the booking journal for the correct VAT booking and subsequent VAT reclaim.

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Trips & Auto lump sum calculation

In case you’re using collective employment agreements or country-based lump sums, Yokoy automatically does the calculation for you. You can even create entire trips in Yokoy.

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Auto-reconciliation of card transactions

We directly feed in your company card transactions, match them with the corresponding receipt and do the reconciliation to ensure a correct accounting booking.

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What our customers want you to know about us

We were impressed by Expense Robot’s ease of use and seamless integration with our credit card provider.

- Ebru Arican,  Head of Group Controlling & Accounting
Ameropa AG

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Simple yet powerful

Your finance team only has to check special cases, Yokoy’s artificial intelligence automates the rest and makes the expense experience easy and smooth for everyone.

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A skewed Yokoy Mastercard

Do you already know our Yokoy Business Mastercard?

No foreign exchange fees. No card fees. 
No headaches.

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Frequently asked questions

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Do you integrate with my finance and HR tools?
Yokoy integrates with more than 50 tools and versions. Here you can find a list. In case we’re not integrating with your specific tool, please get in contact with us here and let’s discuss. There is also the possibility for you to use our free Open REST API to connect your favorite systems with the Yokoy platform.
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How will our data be protected?
Data protection is one of the key focus areas of Yokoy, thus, we are using modern data encryption standards for data at rest as well as in transit. Additionally, Yokoy has tasked external penetration testers (hackers) to constantly check the platform for vulnerabilities. We are following local regulations like GDPR in the EU or the Swiss Data Privacy Act to deliver best in class data protection standards.
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Do I have to buy a Yokoy card on top of the expense management solution?
No. The expense management tool and the Yokoy card are two different services. However, since the Yokoy cards are free of charge, you need at least one expense management tool license per card. The Yokoy card is fully integrated in the tool (with direct transaction import), thus, it wouldn’t make sense to order a Yokoy card without having access to the tool.
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How long does an implementation take?
This is very much dependent on the configurations and the integrations. An implementation can take from several hours up to a couple of days of actual work (typically spread over 3-4 weeks). For example, a global implementation with 2 legal entities, one ERP system integration, credit cards integrations and SSO setup, requires about 2 days of work from the customer and 2+ days of work from the dedicated Yokoy Onboarding Manager and all of this spread over 3-4 weeks. Thanks to the newest technology used, Yokoy is able to configure and test in a very short time period.
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What is the pricing?
It is important to the Yokoy team that the expense management tool and the Yokoy cards are properly setup and integrated in the company’s system landscape. No two setups are the same! We believe in full automation. Therefore, we are happy to discuss your specific needs and create a tailored offer for you.
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Is this all compliant and audit-proof?
This depends from country to country. For countries like Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the US, Yokoy is audit compliant for standard company/VAT setups. Answering such a question with “Yes” or “No” is not possible as the audit regulations differ by country, GAAP, VAT reclaim methods etc. Thus, our internal Finance experts (former BIG4 Finance Auditors) are happy to take a look at your specific situation and consult in this matter.
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How much training is needed to use Yokoy?
For the employees and managers, typically there is no training needed as the app is very intuitive and they only see on their app what they are entitled to see (access management). For the Finance users, we suggest a 1h training workshop with a Customer Happiness Manager to get a solid understanding of the plattform.
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Do you provide training material for using the Yokoy app?
Yokoy developed and maintains the Yokoy Knowledge Center where you can find answers to the most common questions and explanations on how tasks are done. You even find manuals for the employees and managers, which they can easily consume directly on the Yokoy Knowledge Center without you having to create training material.
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Can I have my expense policies in Yokoy?
Yes, you can insert multiple expense policies based on the employees’ ranks, locations etc. and Yokoy will use it to check the expenses.
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How does the onboarding typically look?
The onboarding depends on the size of the company and the number of integrations. However, Yokoy is built on the newest technology and doesn’t require any programming knowledge to be configured. One of Yokoy’s USPs is its ability to customize your process flows globally. Please bear in mind that Yokoy currently has a waiting list for onboarding projects due to the high volume of new customers.
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In which languages is Yokoy available?
The Yokoy platform and apps are available in German, French, Italian and English (Spanish to be added soon).
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Can you serve enterprise customers?
Yes, Yokoy brings a true value-add to enterprise customers. The tool is built for complex, global multi-entity configurations and integrates with most enterprise ERP- & HRM- tools like SAP R3/S4 and Successfactors among others. The experienced Onboarding Project Managers will lead the project from the planning to the implementation and testing phase and hand over the tool to the company during a training workshop session. Enterprise customers benefit from a dedicated Key Account Manager and Finance Process Consulting from our inhouse Finance experts (former Big4 Finance Auditors).

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